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What Our Clients Are Saying

Multi-Generational Journeys

Darlyne H.

Darlyne had known Scott Doll for over 20 years and became acquainted with him through her in-laws because he was their financial advisor. When they passed, Darlyne inherited money from their estate and decided to keep Scott as her advisor. She also transferred accounts from two other advisors to Doll Capital Advisors to keep all her assets under one roof. 

Here’s what Darlyne had to say about her experience working with Scott Doll: 

“Scott Doll is a caring, responsible, and very knowledgeable advisor.  I have found him always easy to contact. He has been very helpful in my decision-making regarding accounts for extended education for my grandchildren, ways to save on major financial decisions, and overall management of my finances and retirement funds.

Scott is well-known in financial circles and even hosts a radio program about finances and market fluctuations.  He is always available to listen and advise on financial decisions and taxation. He has developed a portfolio for me that allows me to live a comfortable life in my senior years.”

Sandra A.

Sandra had known Scott since the late 90s through her parents as he was their advisor. He helped them with investments, retirement planning, and setting up 529 plans for their grandchildren’s education. 

Sandra continued to work with Scott as she planned her retirement. She shares that he is “always quick to return calls, answer questions, and help me make wise choices.” He is also “the first person I call any time I’m unsure about what is happening with the economy.”

Sandra also shares that when her husband died, Scott “was invaluable in helping me through the maze of financial decisions.” She feels “very fortunate to have him as an advisor and a friend.”

Long-Term Relationships

Linda G.

Scott enjoys working with his clients for decades and building long-term relationships with them and their families. For Linda, Scott has been her “trusted advisor” for 27 years. Here’s what she has to say about working with the firm:

“I have been extremely happy with the way he has managed my funds over these years. He has demonstrated a high level of expertise, has been very responsive and attentive to my needs, and really cares about me as a person. I can highly recommend his services.”

Pat B.

Pat shares another example of how important long-term relationships are to Scott. They have been working with Doll Capital Advisors for over 20 years and through the market’s many ups and downs, he has always been available to answer Pat’s questions (and allay their fears). Pat shares that “his approach to investing is technical and data-based and he always patiently explains his process without relying on professional jargon.”

Pat “trusts him completely” and shares “I have been delighted to watch my investments grow.” From Pat: “I do not hesitate to recommend his services to friends and family.”