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The Doll Difference

You deserve an advisor that’s monitoring your investments as closely as you would yourself. But, you have a lot on your plate and don’t have the time to manage your investments and you want someone with decades of experience to advise you on what to do.

At Doll Capital Advisors, we approach your portfolio from a proactive angle. Rather than letting the market crash and hoping your investments bounce back, we make changes today so you don’t have to ride out the downturns. The market is going through a lot of changes right now and now is the time to have someone who deeply understands the market on your side.

In addition to our active investment strategy, some other important benefits of working with Doll Capital Advisors include:


With no proprietary products or commission-driven sales, we offer independent investment advice. Only after conducting the proper analysis and research do we select investments that are suited to your needs. We don’t have a “hidden agenda” and we truly put our clients’ interests first.


Scott has over 35 years of extensive experience in the investment industry and has focused on the specific needs of high-net-worth clients for over 25 years. Also, with his CMT designation, he aids in managing risk and building portfolios using thorough technical analysis. He has achieved a high level of technical proficiency.

“Open Architecture” Investments

Because of my independence, we have access to a broad range of securities, including mutual funds, ETFs, and alternative investments. Believing the process comes before the product, Scott works with his clients through every step of their financial journey. Through open architecture investments, he develops flexible and personalized portfolios that appropriately reflect a client’s needs and aspirations.

At Doll Capital Advisors, we help you manage wealth through practical innovation. Contact us today to learn more.

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